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1639 Lopez Sound Road ​


Checking In

  1. Check in starts at 3pm

  2. Plug in the refrigerator - easy plug in on top of the fridge

  3. WiFi: TheCompoundGuest

  4. During the winter months, turn heat up to 65 degrees using control by the front door. For the main room, rotate the knob. For the bedroom and bathroom, the side of the thermostat rotates out. Hit the up/down arrow.

  5. If you need any additional towels/bedding/toilet paper, all supplies are located in the shed behind Cabin #2. There are lawn games behind Cabin #3.

  6. For any issues during your stay, text 206-852-0888 or email

  7. Leave your phone in the cabin and go down to the beach!


  1. Quiet hours are from 10pm until 7am. Please be respectful of our neighbors (all of whom are full-time residents). We have had major issues with large groups partying late.

  2. Do not drive on the lawn – cars should be parked in gravel parking areas only

  3. Do not block the dumpsters – it impacts trash pickup

  4. Burn firewood in firepit only. Do not leave fires unattended.

  5. Do not chop trees or throw axes at them. Yes, this has happened and it made us very sad.

  6. Pets are allowed, however all pets must be pre-approved. Pets are only allowed in Cabin #1 and Cabin #2. Cabin #3 is to remain pet free for any guests with allergies.

  7. Please keep pets off the beds and furniture and pick up after them in the field.

  8. Do not leave children unattended in the cabins. The lofts are high and not safe for small children. Ladders should be pushed in when not in use. 

  9. Smoking is prohibited in/around the cabins

  10. You are in a rural setting and it gets dark at night. You wouldn't think we need to tell people this but... it's come up. Bring flashlights if you plan to be walking around at night and wear sturdy shoes. 

  11. Fireworks are not permitted anywhere on Lopez Island. This is strictly enforced!

  12. Conserve water - we are on a well

  13. Only flush compostable material - we are on a septic

  14. Our dinghy is not for guest use

  15. Wave! All drivers on Lopez wave to each other. Do as the locals do and be friendly :)

Checking Out

  1. Check out is at 11am

  2. Please return everything on the property (toys, kayaks, axes, etc) to their original location. All lawn games/balls/frisbees should be returned to the shed behind Cabin #3.

  3. Please strip all beds that were used during your stay and pile used linens and towels

  4. Start loads of laundry in both washers, located in the sheds behind cabins #2 and #3

  5. Dispose of all trash and recycling into bins on the driveway turnaround

  6. Empty, unplug, and prop open refrigerator

  7. Wash and put away any plates and silverware. Clean any appliances and put back under sink

  8. Cover grills and ensure propane gas is turned off

  9. Turn all heaters down to 55 degrees. Please do not turn them off

  10. Turn off all lights and close/latch all windows

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