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Arriving By Private Boat

There is a moorage ball in front of the property just off the beach that guests are welcome to use.

The depth is 8' at mean low tide, so if you have a sailboat you will need to anchor further out and use the ball as a stern tie. 

Click here for a link to where the moorage ball is located.

Boating Pro-Tips

  • Follow your GPS! The beach is relatively smooth gravel but there are a couple boulders that can be hidden at a high tide. So watch your GPS at you come in to avoid any issues. If you come straight in to the moorage ball perpendicular to shore you should be golden.  

  • Bring your own dinghy! Please ensure  you have a way to get from the moorage ball to shore. We have an inflatable dinghy on the beach but it is not for use by guests.  

  • Go to Friday Harbor! It's a super easy cruise from our property to Friday Harbor and moorage there is FREE for 4 hours at the marina! 

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