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Please RSVP by June 1st!

Go to VENUELODGING, and EVENTS & ACTIVITIES for all the information you will need to RSVP.



Attendance & Meals


1) Will you attend?

[ ] YES, we can’t wait!

[ ] NO, unfortunately we won’t make it.


2) When will you arrive? Guests are invited to arrive starting at 5pm on Friday.

[ ] Friday around ______________

[ ] Saturday around _____________


3) Please select all meals you will attend (this matters for catering so please be accurate)!

[ ] Friday dinner 7 – 8pm                           # of adults: _______       # of children: _______

[ ] Saturday breakfast 8:30 – 10am         # of adults: _______       # of children: _______

[ ] Saturday lunch 12:30 – 2pm                # of adults: _______       # of children: _______

[ ] Saturday dinner Starts at 6pm             # of adults: _______      # of children: _______

[ ] Sunday breakfast 8 – 10:30am            # of adults: _______       # of children: _______


River Float


4) Will you be participating in the river float on Saturday between 10am – 1pm? (Both the bride and groom will be there!) Buses will transport all interested guests to Leavenworth for a 1.5 hour float down the Wenatchee River. This is an easy, fun, and sunny activity! There are virtually no rapids – just small ripples on a river that meanders alongside downtown Leavenworth. This activity is suitable for children and anyone under the age of 75. Please wear clothing you don’t mind getting wet and please remember sunscreen.

[ ] YES, we can’t wait! There will be _______ adults and _______ children.

[ ] NO, you people are crazy. River floating on your wedding day?! I’d much rather enjoy the shade back at the wedding venue.




5) Please rank your lodging in order of preference from 1 – 5 (descriptions HERE). Tierra can accommodate about 2/3 of our guests in beds… so campers are encouraged to camp! But rest assured if you would like a bed you will get one… though it may be down the road in Leavenworth at the hotels where we have blocked rooms.

[ ] CAMPING. We are willing to camp because there are showers, sinks, and toilets close by. This option should be called “glamping”… short for glamour camping!

[ ] CABIN WITH OTHER GUESTS. We have never camped before and we don’t really want to start at a wedding... we want a real bed! We also don’t mind sharing a cabin with other guests.

[ ] CABIN WITH MY IMMEDIATE FAMILY/FRIENDS ONLY. We don’t mind sharing a cabin… but we would want to closely know the people we’re sharing it with.

[ ] BUNKHOUSE. I want a real bed but I’m fine sleeping in a single-mattress bunk bed in the bunkhouse with other guests. I know, I know… I’m super cool!

[ ] HOTEL IN LEAVENWORTH. We would much prefer staying in Leavenworth at one of the two hotels where rooms are blocked. Please note that this option is cheap but not free. Room block information will be sent after all RSVPs have been received and cabin assignments have been sorted. For those of you that are interested in the rates, you can view them on our lodging page here.


Child Care


6) Do you need a baby sitter for Saturday afternoon/evening? We have arranged for child care starting at 4:30pm on Saturday until late in the evening so parents can enjoy themselves! Kids will be watched in the main lodge so parents can drop them off and pick them up at their leisure. The sitters will be quality (during the week there is a pre-school on the property). Please note this is completely optional – you can of course have your kids with you all evening if you like!

[ ] YES, please! I have _______ children and age(s) _______.

[ ] NO, all set.




7) Do you need help getting from Seattle to Leavenworth?

[ ] YES, please!

[ ] NO, all set.


8) If you have a car, would you be willing to help others get from Seattle to Leavenworth?

[ ] YES, no problem at all! We can fit ________ people.

[ ] NO, we have a full carload already, sorry!

[ ] NO, we drive a DeLorean. So while we would love to help, you are probably not interested in having your guests travel back in time to meet Marty McFly or Leonardo Da Vinci.




Please remember to check out this website for EVENTS & ACTIVITIES, GETTING HERE, WHAT TO BRING, and DONATIONS.



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