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The #1 reason we are having our wedding in Leavenworth is that it’s almost always great weather! In August it should be sunny and warm during the day (upper 80s) but cool at nights (low 50s)… so please pack accordingly. 

What NOT to Bring


  • Please do not bring any cash/money. You are our guests for the weekend and so all lodging, food, drinks, and entertainment will be provided. Come away for a weekend vacation!

  • Your cell phone! Only Verizon service works at Tierra. You can thank us later :)


​​Our theme is “summer casual” which means that the dress code for the weekend is simple: Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable! That means shorts, shirts, tank-tops, skirts, and sun dresses the whole weekend. On Saturday night you may want a collared shirt or a summer dress, but suits, ties, and gowns are unnecessary.


Shoes Allowed... But Flip-Flops ​​Encouraged!

Given that we believe flip-flops are appropriate year round and for all occasions, we have designed our wedding weekend to involve a number of activities (see EVENTS & ACTIVITIES) that will make you happy you brought comfortable and simple footwear. Examples include:

  • a tube float down a river – bring water shoes or sneakers (aqua-socks are encouraged)

  • lawn games – bring sneakers, flip-flops, or barefoot :)

  • short walks (one of which is a trail) – bring flip-flops or comfortable shoes

FYI, the bride and groom will both be wearing flip-flops all weekend long. Join in!


Bathing Suit and Towel​​

If you are participating in the river tube float or the slip ‘n slide during lawn games (see EVENTS & ACTIVITIES) please ensure you bring your bathing suit (or something that you can swim in) as well as a beach towel.


Sunglasses, Sunscreen, and Chapstick

It’s going to be sunny and hot – don’t forget these!



We are going to provide these as party favors for the weekend, but if you can please bring a headlamp or flashlight… particularly if you are camping. We will have flashlight stations set up throughout the property, but bring one if you have it!


If You Are Camping

Whether you’re in family camp, quiet camp, or party camp (see LODGING) you should bring all the normal gear you would camp with: tent, pads, and bags/pillows. That said, you’ll be “glamping” (aka glamorous camping) because all campers will have full access to bathrooms, showers, and all needed facilities. 


If You Are Staying in Cabins/Bunks

Treat this as you would any normal hotel room except please do not leave a tip! (Again, see LODGING.

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