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Un-Official Description

We have found an incredible venue for our wedding:

  • It's out in the woods for MB!

  • There are no rules for Greg! 


But perhaps the best part is that Tierra can accommodate virtually all of our guests (see our LODGING page) so we really encourage you to stay at Tierra for free for the weekend with your family (kids are more than welcome).


There will be plenty of space to play, dance, eat, drink, love, and have fun.


Here’s a LINK to Tierra’s home page with an interactive map. Please also click on the slideshow below! 

"Nestled into the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains, Tierra Retreat Center sits on 320 acres of forest and field surrounded by National Forest Service lands.


Guests enjoy an expanse of natural surroundings and a supportive and engaging atmosphere for friend and family gatherings."

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