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Fund Raise For Love


In lieu of a gift registry we are encouraging our guests to give a donation to one of the following options:


Many of our friends and family asked for an option to support us directly. Thank you so much for your generosity! Traveling is our favorite thing to do so we are planning an exciting honeymoon and would be so appreciative of any help you'd like to give. Muchas gracias!


We have supported these organizations for years... so they mean a lot to us. Our wedding weekend will be one big party, but hopefully something bigger will come out of this celebration. Know that your presence at our wedding is a gift already but please give if you can. The more you give, the more you get!


Based in DC, Grameen Foundation is an international non-profit that uses technology and microfinance to help the world’s poorest people reach their full potential.


Based in Seattle, PATH is an international non-profit that transforms global health through innovation. Their vision is a world where health is within reach for everyone, no matter where they live.

Based in Seattle, PCC Farmland Trust is a local non-profit land trust whose mission is to secure, preserve and steward threatened farmland in the Northwest.

Ways To Give


For our honeymoon:


For the charities: 

We would like to take advantage of a three-to-one matching donation program so please give directly to us

so we can write one big check to each organization! Please specify which charity you would like to support.


Thank You!


We realize both of these options are atypical, but they really do mean a lot to us. Thank you with all of our hearts!

Lyla says, "thank you"!
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