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(description by MB)

Greg hails from Rhode Island "the biggest little state in the nation". He generally kicks ass in everything he does. If he could talk about only one thing for the rest of his life it would be a tie between time travel and planning for your financial future. His biggest (poorly kept) secret is that he wears long underwear under his clothes for about 9 

Greg on day 2 of meeting my family. This is why I can't wait for this man to be my husband!

months out of the year. He loves Italian food as much as anyone who often forgets to eat could love food. I've never met anyone more loyal and giving and devoted to the people in his life.


To sum Greg up in three words: RESPONSIBLE. DEVOTED. BOATS. 


How we met: I saw his electric geo metro parked in the driveway. What self respecting girl could say no to that?


(description by Greg)

MB on week 4 of knowing each other. She is incredibly good at games... and annoyingly good at predicting movie endings!


MB grew up in Humboldt County "where the redwoods are". She's smart, pretty, and wears sweatshirts. Privately MB is an extroverted goofball that's adventurous (thanks Mad) and funny - no one makes me laugh harder. She enjoys laying around being silly (thanks Hayley), being overly competitive playing games (thanks Dave/Mike), backpacking while deep in thought (thanks Kathy) and

reading (thanks Chris)Her biggest (poorly kept) secret is the fact that that her favorite food is simply "chips" (and she judges people by what their favorite kind are)! Her spirit animal is a sloth so her perfect day would involve 11 hours of sleep, salsa con queso, and watching her favorite movie Point Break. Her family and friends mean everything to her and she feels things deeply. MB is by far the most caring and kind-hearted person I've ever met. 


To sum MB up in three words: CARING. LOYAL. HIKING. 


(description by Greg)

Lyla is quite simply the greatest dog on earth! In her spare time she enjoys fetching, running, jumping, swimming, cuddling, laying on the couch, stealing food off the counter, barking/growling at the mailman, and chewing sticks up so small they're impossible to throw. For a long time she only had eyes for me... but she loves her mom now too! 


To sum Lyla up in three words: FETCH. FETCH. FETCH!!!


How we met: The good 'ole fashioned way: the internet. Lyla was a rescue from PAWS up in Lynnwood where she trolled the streets in search of a tennis ball, a skinny Armenian man, and a beautiful Humboldt lady.

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